Frequently Asked Questions

We understand. Questions will arise when looking into tree and landscaping services. That is why we take the guesswork out of the equation. The content below will always evolve so please stay tuned for updates!

Cash, Checks, Discover, Master Card, Visa, American Express and other mobile forms of payment are accepted.

Yes! Once all required forms have been signed and estimate has been approved, all paperwork will be provided to you. This can either be provided through paper form or it can be sent digitally.

No. However, we do encourage references as they are a sustaining part of this business but they are not required.

Yes! When you complete the request form that has been provided on this site, we will ensure that you either are provided with a physical or digital copy of the complete estimate for your records.

Dependent on the situation and the location of work needing to be accomplished, additional equipment such as a bucket truck or lift may be required.

Time of overall completion can and will vary. We will provide a fair and efficient time frame so that you as our valued customer will be able to make arrangements if needed.

Above all, the safety of our customers and employees come first. No job will be initiated if there are any hazardous conditions present. If there are any issues at any point in time, please do not hesitate to inform us and we will do everything in our power to remedy the situation.

Yes! You’re currently on our new and improved website that is geared towards making you, the customer, more at ease with being able to obtain a quote. We also have a Facebook page that can be accessed through our links located at the bottom of our website or anywhere you may see a Facebook icon. Continue to keep an eye on both outlets in the event there are any promotions or specials that we may offer.

Absolutely! Each and every single job will not be initiated unless all required equipment is available and the surrounding area has been surveyed to ensure the correct equipment is being used. If there are any questions pertaining to the equipment used, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you have!

Yes! We have our gallery of images located conveniently on this website so that you, as our current or prospective customer, can view and see if one job or another is similar to the services you may need. Our gallery on here and also on Facebook will continue to grow as time goes on so please continue to check back from time to time to see where we go to next!

Yes we do carry out a thorough cleanup of the tree site to ensure that there is absolutely no debris that could impact pets or any living on the property. Expectations pertaining to the cleanup will be brought during the initial estimation phase and if there are additional unforeseen cleanup situations they will be brought to your attention immediately.